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About Me


My name is Ruben Lopez, this blog is about my work as a software engineer, electronics hobbyist, and my music, but I’ll probably post about the things in between as well.

I started playing with computers back in the mid-90’s while listening to Nirvana.  I’ve held several positions throughout my career including Web Master, Image Developer, Application Developer, SCM Engineer, and Sr/Staff Software Engineer.  I am now primarily a lead Java engineer working on DevOps related CI/CD software for AWS and traditional data centers.  I also run -XL- Development where I pretty much hold all of my previous positions and more, funny how that works.

I’m always working on something, but the times I take a break, I’ll either be playing guitar, working out in the yard, or spending time with my wife, son, daughter.

Follow me on Twitter and remember to also follow -XL- Development on twitter and facebook.