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Capturing the lunar craters

I’ve been trying to take an image of Jupiter when the Great Red Spot is visible. Unfortunately, the Moon was very bright during my last session, and I ended up with an image that was a bit washed out.

Jupiter and Io

This is my first image of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot. The little dot on the right is Io, one of Jupiter’s moons. I’ll have to take a better picture once our moon sets at night.

I quickly turned the telescope to Saturn to see what it would look like under the bright moonlight.


The picture of Saturn was also washed out. So I decided to turn my telescope to the Moon itself and start taking some pictures of all the craters.

Asteroids caused the larger craters on the Moon.

Meteor impacts created the smaller craters.

Apollo 11 and 16 landed near the top left area shown on this picture. We can’t see the Apollo lunar modules from Earth. Telescopes are not that powerful. Learn more about the Moon on the NASA Moon site.

Here is a gallery of all the pictures I took during this session.

I’m not done with the Moon yet. I’ll be taking more pictures during the next full Moon.

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