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First Cross Platform App

I am very excited about my first cross platform application. It’s called XL Share Board and it lets you share text from your clipboard and files (using drag and drop) with any Windows or Mac OS X computer on your network. I built this app because I am constantly going back and forth between my Windows 7 laptop and my iMac and always found myself needing to copy and paste text between the two. It’s built in RealBasic and it was actually a lot easier than I expected. I was able to finish a prototype in a couple of days and had it working in Windows and OS X in about a week. The Windows and OS X apps are lightweight and have no dependencies whatsoever. I might even be able to make a portable version of each. I definitely recommend RealBasic to anyone who wants to quickly make some cross platform applications.

It is currently in beta but you can read more about it and/or download the beta here.

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